Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eureka SuperKidz - Bridging the Gap Between City and Village Kids

Kids in villages/ poor families lag way behind their city counterparts. The reasons for this knowledge and skills gap are many. Lack of good schools, good teachers, after-school training at home are few of the prominent reasons. And poor homes do not have toys, games, and books that encourage play-way method of learning.

So, Eureka conducts after-school program for the village kids for 2 or 3 hours. The program is named Eureka SuperKidz. Eureka is developing content for these classes. The content is simple and has lot of examples, experiments, worksheets, illustrations and is written in a conversational tone.

Eureka is looking for volunteers to write content for Maths, Science, English, Tamil or any other subject of your choice. You can write the content in English. Translators will convert the content into Tamil or Hindi based on regional needs.

A Booklet about Newton's Law of Motion

A conversation in the lesson

An experiment in the lesson

People who are interested in writing content can contact any of the following AID India staff:

Ms. Radha -

Ms. Mangayarkarasi Angamuthu -

Mr. Selvanganapathy -, +91-9790951652

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