Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feet Work - Blended Learning Checklist

Once you finish learning theory in a Blended learning course, you are very eager to either apply your skills at work or observe. So, a finishing touch for a blended course can be a field study that the learner undertakes. When you say field study, the learner has to be on their feet, navigating their job areas, responsibilities, and workflow.

Suppose you have developed a course on Hotel Management. And you want to equip a service staff/learner  with more on-the-job skills. You can prepare a checklist and ask the learner to fill up their observations. The learner can do the study at their own work premises, and also study the same features in a competitor's store. At the end of the study, you can ask the learner to write a conclusion or come with a new or alternate service model. For example, refer the checklist given below. A sample parameter is filled to help the learner start off. There is no limit on the number and type of parameters you can design in the checklist for field study.

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