Sunday, April 10, 2011

Story Telling Workshop by Jeeva Raghunath

Jeeva Raghunath enthralled students/audience with her six-hour power packed Story Telling training session. Jeeva, who has 13 years of experience in Story Telling, emphasized that all the five senses should be brought into play while telling a story. And emotions are an integral part of any story. When Jeeva told a story, she sang, did mimicry and little acrobatics.

While narrating the story "Priya's Day", Jeeva transformed a sheet of newspaper into the different characters of the story.  The newspaper morphed into a moon, a wall, a tree and more as Jeeva tore the paper and made characters/shapes that were a part of the story.

Very popular in schools, Story Telling is catching up in the corporate sector too. Life skills and good habits are made a part of a story that can entertain and inform a child as well as an adult. For more info visit Jeeva's website.

Jeeva Raghunath in action

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