Monday, July 25, 2011

Art Therapy Certificate Course - Aug to Sep 2011

Learning Outcome: Participants will be able to

·      Identify the continuum of trauma events and experiences

·      Utilize art in the trauma narrative process

·      Describe the unique qualities of art in the treatment of   trauma

·      Identify the application of trauma art therapy in various setting

Dates: It is mandatory to attend all classes 3rd Aug, 2011 to 1st Sept 2011

3,4 (Wed, Thurs) - Using various art techniques

10,11(Wed, Thurs) - Introduction to art therapy

17,18 (Wed, Thurs) - Art therapy in Trauma

24,25 (Wed, Thurs) - Art therapy in Trauma  

31 Aug, 1st Sept (Wed, Thurs) - (Art therapy in Trauma )

Participants are free to submit their project in their own time. Students will complete 60 hours class work and 20 hours of practical work including preparation and writing up the project, in all the students will complete a minimum of 80 hours during this month.

Course fee and for who: Rs 15,000/ only. This course is open to all mental health and healthcare professionals and students; no previous experience with art therapy is required.

For Registration contact telephone – 42080810/ 9884100135/ 9884700164

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