Saturday, September 6, 2014

Takloo Storytelling at AIKYA - A PRATHAM Books Initiative

Takloo - the Little Salt Seller is a beautiful book. The story teaches a lot of concepts to children and the illustrations are very attractive and eye catchy. 

The storytelling at AIKYA happened on 5th, September. I told the story to a group of eleven kids. Everyone was very excited about the angry Banabhai scene in which her hair is left loose, her dracula teeth is seen, and she flungs her arm.  The kids were asked about the meaning of the various terms in the book like soft, caring, west, and more. The students were asked not to waste anything and try and see if they can recycle the unwanted items. 

Later, Kumail, a student, read out and explained the Takloo story to the kids. The students looked at coins of different value. After listening to Kumail, the students started drawing pictures about Takloo story. The students came out with beautiful illustrations of trees near a beach, pots, umbrella, and Moti the dog. It was a fun event and we thank PRATHAM for giving us this opportunity. 

For more event pics, click here.

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