Wednesday, March 7, 2012

World Read Aloud Day at Violet School Chennai - A Pratham Books Event

I was delighted to meet Violet School Principal Ms. Lydia at 8:45 am in the morning. She said that as planned she wanted std 3rd to std 7th kids to listen to the Yakity Yak story. But the std 1-2 teachers wanted their children to also join the story reading session. So, after the assembly the tiny tots sat down in a shady corridor for the story.

I (Pratham Books Champion Anitha Jebaraj) started the session with a short intro to the World Read Aloud Day (WRAD). When asked if they read books outside their curriculum, many of them told that they read Comics( like Toystory) and Fairy Tales (like Cindrella).

Yeah, they read books
We started the story reading by asking three students to hold up the Yak placards. One of the kids could identify the Yak. When asked what was special about the Yak - they said it was the hair (or fur). I read out the Yakity Yak story for them. The children gave quick answers to questions inbetween. When asked which proverb will fit well with the story the kids said, " A friend in need is a friend indeed."

Anitha tells Yakity Yak story. 

Next, around 10 kids read out the Yakity Yak story - one page each. Prema of Team Everest motivated the kids. We wound up the happy event at 10 am. Then we took group snaps. The school management was kind enough to arrange brunch, coffee, and also dropped us back in main Chrompet in their school bus.

The Children read Yakity Yak

A big thank you to Violet School staff, Pratham Books, Litworld, and Prema. Hip Hip Hurray! Click here for more pics of the event.

We are Happy. More stories Please!


  1. Lydia DevasagayamMarch 8, 2012 at 9:23 AM

    Listening and reading are essential to child's mental growth. A BIG T H A N K Y O U to Pratham Books, Team Everest and specially to the lovely ladies Prema and Anita who visited the school and made it an interesting and unforgettable day for the kids. May God bless you !!!

  2. Thank you madam. It was our pleasure.