Friday, November 26, 2010

Inviting Entries for Book of Miracles - Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul

Publishing house: Westland

Please send your stories to:

Last dates for accepting submissions: 28th February 2011. (Raksha will close as soon as she selects 101 stories for the same).

The write-ups will carry the contributor’s name. Westland pays Rs 1000 per story and two copies of the book. We carry a 3-4 line profile on all contributing authors. We accept blogged and published work too provided the authors get the reprint permissions.  The copyright of the stories stays with the author. Multiple entries are welcome, (have carried up to five from a single contributor). We accept poems too (provided they have a story in them).
Recipe for a Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul - Book of Miracles  
A Chicken Soup for the Soul® story is an inspirational, true story about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They are personal and often filled with emotion and drama.

Chicken Soup stories have a beginning, middle and an ending that often closes with a punch, creating emotion rather than simply talking about it. A story that causes tears, laughter, goosebumps or any combination of these. A good story covers the range of human emotions. The most powerful stories are about people extending themselves, or performing an act of love, service or courage for another person.
1. Tell an exciting, sad or funny story about something that has happened to you or someone you know. Make sure that you introduce the character(s).
2. Tell your story in a way that will make the reader cry, laugh or get goose bumps (the good kind!) Don’t leave anything out — how did you feel?
3. The story should start with action; it should include a problem, issue or situation. It should include dialogue and the character should express their feelings though the conflict or situation. It should end in a result, such as a lesson learned, a positive change or pay-off.
4. Above all, let it come from your HEART! Your story is important!
Story Specifications
Stories should be non-fiction, ranging in length between 300-1200 words.
 Signs from above

The healing power of a prayer

Love from beyond

His/Her messenger

His saving grace

Angels amongst us

Answered prayers

Everyday miracles

Divine appointment

Feel free to send in stories even if they do not fit in the themes mentioned above.

Click here to read Raksha's tips for writing a Chicken soup story.

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