Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Is Instructional Design (ID)?

Instructional Design(ID) is the design and development of instructional materials and learning activities to meet learning needs.

Why do we need ID?

Information is not Instruction. So we need an ID model to convert information to learning material.

If you do not provide adequate practise, knowledge, structure, and guidance, people do not learn!

Is ID a copyright of flash-based e-learning course?

No. ID has been existing from the time teaching and learning started. The science of ID evolved much later and was lapped up quite well by the e-learning industry.

B.Ed( Bachelor OF Education) is a university course in India for undergraduate teachers and the B.Ed syllabus includes Blooms taxonomy and Gagne's nine events of Instruction! And a whole host of B.Ed trained teachers have been teaching (ILT) in Indian schools for nearly three to four decades.


  1. do you work as an ID?????

    i work for an E-learning company and we have ID's strange many ppl don't have any info abt this thing.......good you wrote about it.....


  2. This is real information for me ..

    I never knew that ID as a stuctured medium is available. I want to get more information about this.

  3. @Hitesh - Which e-learning company do u work for?

    @Melvin - Thank U. Please read my previous posts and peek in to my blog often for more insights. Anyways, will try to come up with more examples in future posts.

  4. it's a small company called Invidya.... :)