Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Convey Facts With Aesthetic Value

One of the essential features of documentary is the ability to convey facts whilst creating aesthetic value. It's no easy task, often the story overtakes the 'look' of the film, even more often vice versa. That task becomes even harder when translated to a two minute short film - how can a film maker tell you about their world in two minutes, whilst also creating a visual experience for the viewer? Our winner, Wash, Rinse and Dry managed just that feat. Beautifully and simply shot, it has a very clear stylistic approach - a visual metaphor married to a poetic written narrative. That style provides a suitably 'washed-out' backdrop for a powerful and universal story of how we escape the tougher moments in life. As recession continues across the world, it is films like this which will help audiences empathise with, and understand the plight of, the unemployed.

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