Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cognitive Tea Breaks In E-learning Courses!

Tea breaks for an e-learning course! Wacky? Why not? Most of us must be familiar with Cognitive Overloading while learning. We include quick checks in courses to break the monotony every 15 minutes or so. But what if drag-and-drop also becomes monotonous for an experienced e-learner?

I was thinking if we could have jazz and song breaks every 15 minutes. Of course, the song, T-shirts, and tattoo marks on the dancing avatars will carry learning schemas relevant to the course! The jazz breaks can have meditation and simple yoga poses too.

Browsed the Youtube and found two song cum learning videos!

Apart from dancexercises, you can keep a separate tab named "Jazz Learning" that is visible throughout the course. And the learner can participate in these fun-learning sessions whenever they are bored! The jazz sessions can also contain motivation movies for completing the course - like good performance on the job, better appraisals and more. Thus, e-learning dropouts can be reduced. Aha, an ambitious short-cut for a genuine problem. Nevertheless, there is no harm in experimenting!

PS: When I was in college, we had a similar jam session for our management course in final year engineering stream. Each one of us had to present a syllabus topic depending upon our talents – games, puzzles, plays, seminar, and I was asked to write a limerick. I did write an incorrect limerick and sing it in class too ;)


  1. I love the idea and agree that it does address what brain research has shown to be true about learning. Your post has provided me with a much needed break in my job hunting time at the computer. Thank you!

  2. E-learning is such an awesome idea....especially with the video's and the fact that more ppl are getting to know about E-learning